Classes of 1970 and 1971 Reunion Success!

50th Class Reunion Group Photo of All Attendees

by Stephanie Demorest, FW Alumni Center Director

After many, many months of planning over Zoom, the 50th Class Reunion Committee, led by Peter Torry g70, finally met in person with their classmates the weekend of April 30-May 1, 2021. 

The fun began on Friday evening at the Retreat Center on the former campus (previously Ramseyer Hall, built on the site of the Wiebke House) with a dessert and coffee fellowship. While enjoying delicious refreshments prepared by Janet Walker g71, alumni reminisced about times together on the campus in the early 1970s, shared current life happenings, and generally had an amazing time reconnecting with one another!

On Saturday morning, members of the classes assembled for a formal, full breakfast prepared by Susi Jones g70 and her team of volunteers, including Lois (Kuhl) Steiner g66, Verlin g73 and Pat (Goldsmith g82) Rice, Deb (Lehman) Shaw g80, Jeanne (Mohr) Crafton g78, Matthew Jones g03, and Anita Gray (former TUFW Library Director). Following breakfast, Dr. Jay Platte g69 presented a program honoring the class, including a video presentation and the distribution of Memory Books. Class photos were taken and a hymn sing hosted by Dr. Platte g69 and Susi Jones g70

Dr. Jay Platte g69 and Susi Jones g70 lead a Hymn Sing

Guests enjoyed their afternoon with Chick-fil-A boxed lunches and a demonstration of the Fort Wayne Archive, taught by Dr. Platte g69.  Countless photos and recordings are available for your viewing as well at our website. Just click here to access the archive and the “Search” bar where you can enter the topics of interest to you. 

All who attended their 50th class reunion had a wonderful time. And many thanks go to the 50th Committee for hours of work in preparation for this event. Thank you to the following committee members: Peter Torry g70, Dick Armstrong g70, Diane Rodocker g70, David Miller g71, Joe Wenger g71, and Janet (Stirn) Walker g71.

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