Producing The FW Vine

Not long ago you received your winter copy of our biannual alumni mini-magazine, The FW Vine. Perhaps you still haven’t cracked it open and are saving it for a rainy day. But the Resource Center is already bustling with activity as we put together the spring edition. The mailing date isn’t until April 29 but […]

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A Point of Connection

On a bright Thursday afternoon, five Fort Wayne graduates gathered in a cozy diner for a Share YOUR Voice session. Some came during lunch break, decked out in blazers and nametags. They filtered through the door one at a time—all coming from different directions, all in different walks of life. But as we sat down […]

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As We Pray

This is a busy time of semester for students like me. Do you remember what that felt like? We’re starting to feel the pressure of classes, internships and other responsibilities bearing down on us, and sometimes it can snuff out our spiritual energy. It starts to feel like we’re doing it alone. Thankfully, this is […]

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