From the Director’s Desk: A Moment of Thanksgiving

Phtoto of Witmer Hall from 1970 

By Stephanie (Cox) Demorest, g93

In this month of August, we reminisce on schoolyears past. Coming to campus after summer break meant reconnecting with friends, settling into new classes, meeting again in chapel, and especially, excited anticipation about spiritual growth opportunities as we learned in community. And these experiences came to us because our courses and programs of study were rooted in God’s Word.

Dr. Alice Joy Weddle teaching in a classroom 1991

I remember those faithful servants who taught me to study the Bible deeply and methodically in order to know God: Dr. Wes Gerig, Professor Arlan Birkey, Dr. Roger Ringenberg, and Reverend Ron Scharfe. Others served before my time, and more after. Many, many taught specialized professional courses, building wisely on this biblical foundation: Dr. Alice Joy Weddle, Dr. Jay Platte, Dr. Richard Dugan, Professor Sonja Strahm, Professor Eunice Conrad, and too many more to name here. All invested in us for the glory and growth of the Kingdom of God. All knew the value of “treasuring up treasures in heaven” (Matthew 6:20). For their investments, I am forever grateful. And I am confident that you all are as well.

From Left to Right: Joe Martin, Carolyn Arthur, and Richard Dugan at Graduation 1991

Reflecting, at the start of this schoolyear for those around us, and for those of us who now instruct and serve students in the places where God has placed us, brings hearts full of thanksgiving and praise to God. We have been given our own places now to serve and build God’s Kingdom on earth until He comes again in power and fullness to extend His Kingdom over all. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Arlan Birkey teaching Greek class in 1969 

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