Remembering Joy Gerig

Joy Gerig g66 and Jay Platte g69 together in 2004​​​​​​

The following tribute was written by Dr. Jay Platte g69 to honor the life and memory of Joy Gerig g66, who served the Fort Wayne campus for 31 years as Director of Christian Service.

     I praise God for Joy Gerig, my mentor and friend. We remember her birthday on April 22,  ten years after she went to be with the Lord. At this significant time, I requested the opportunity to write a tribute to her for this newsletter. I wanted to honor Joy with this tribute because she faithfully directed me towards God over the years and always was an encouragement to me and others who had the privilege to work with and walk with her through life. I know she did this with many, many others during her 30 years as Director of Christian Service, many of whom have given a life of service to the Lord, in part because of Joy Gerig. I am aware that there were many who faithfully served the college and deserve tributes as well, but I wanted to write this specifically in her memory during this month of April, when we would have celebrated her birthday.

Joy in Christian Service Department Office in 1971

Every student at Fort Wayne Bible College was required to sign up for a Christian Service project each semester. Few realize how these CS requirements helped mold lives – the lives of those served by the students and the lives of the students themselves meeting the requirements. This requirement was a challenge to coordinate with academic coursework and extra-curricular activities, but in the end, such discipleship helped all of us be more conformed to Christ’s image.

Joy honored at Professional Division Luncheon in 1990

 Mine is one of many tributes bestowed upon Joy Gerig. To read more about Joy and her life of service to the Lord, follow these links:

Thank you, Joy, for your friendship, your mentorship, and sharing your deep love of God. People’s lives are changed and Eternity is brighter because of you.

One thought on “Remembering Joy Gerig

  1. Yes, Joy Gerig was really a JOY to know. The love of Jesus truly shone brightly on her face and through her actions !!!

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