Spreading Joy Through an Impromptu Reunion!

Attendees from left to right
Standing: Deb Roth, Dale Hamrick g77, Don Phillips g77, Joy (Bixler) Forbes g77, Rex Forbes g77, Marie (Parry) Hamrick g77, Eddie Weirrick g76, Jan (Zimmerman) Alvarez g75, Jim Roth g76, Jeanne (Mohr) Crafton g78, Harry Gates g82

​​​​​​Seated: Char (Miller) Binkley g64, instructor of most of these students, Flossie (Johnson) Epley g77, Jeannie (Gerig) Johnson g78, Debbie (Kehl) Gates g76.

This group of FWBC 1976 to 1982 graduates met on December 9, 2021, to enjoy dinner together at Hall’s restaurant before its planned closure. Click here for more information about the upcoming closure of Hall’s original Fort Wayne restaurant.

On that recent December evening, Hall’s was packed, resulting in a long wait for such a large group.  So they walked to The Club Room (part of the remodeled Clyde Theater complex next door) and enjoyed FWBC stories with lots of laughs!

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