Dr. Sterling DeMond: A Faithful Servant to FWBC

Dr. Sterling DeMond and his wife Mary Ann (Drake) Lehman g67

by Zebadiah Demorest, Publications Coordinator

This month we are featuring former FWBC faculty member Dr. Sterling DeMond. Dr. DeMond served at FWBC for 13 years, from 1974 to 1987. During his time at the college, Dr. DeMond taught classes in Christian Education, homiletics, and camping.

Before coming to FWBC, Dr. DeMond had pastored several churches and managed Camp Lakeview, a camp in Michigan shared between the Missionary Church and the Church of the Brethren. He also completed a Master’s degree in Christian Education with a minor in camping from Wheaton Graduate School.

Dr. DeMond is thankful for his time at FWBC and the students he taught. In our interview, Dr. DeMond said that even though he wasn’t a student, he was impacted by Dr. Forest Weddle g53, Wayne Widder, and Joe Snider fs64, whom he taught with in the Christian Education Department. He commented that one of his greatest achievements at FWBC was developing a five-course camping minor, which, at the time, was one of only three camping minors in the entire United States. Dr. DeMond also taught and directed a camp counseling class in Peoria, Illinois, for 12 years, which he lists as one of his most valued experiences at FWBC.

Dr. DeMond said his favorite memory of the college was seeing his three children graduate (“with minors in Christian Education and camping, of course”).  He also stated that it was extremely fulfilling to see some of his students go into part-time or full-time ministry after graduating.

While at FWBC, Dr. DeMond had the opportunity to teach extra classes at Indiana Wesleyan University, Taylor University, Huntington University, and Calvary Temple. His heart for ministry carried beyond the walls of FWBC.

Since leaving FWBC, Dr. DeMond has stayed busy writing books. A few years ago, he wrote a children’s book entitled Heroes of the Forest, with contributions from two of his children, Janelle (DeMond) Bauer g89 and Jo Jean Thompson, and two of his grandchildren, Nicholas DeMond and Joshua Thompson. Dr. DeMond followed up his children’s book with 96 Practical Tips for Ministry Leaders, which he published with the help of his wife, Mary Ann (Drake) Lehman g67, and daughter, Janelle (DeMond) Bauer g89. Currently, Dr. DeMond and his wife, Mary Ann, are working on a compilation of Topical Bible Studies comprised of five sections: the Trinity, heaven and hell, angels, studying the Bible, and personal spiritual development. You can purchase Dr. DeMond’s books by emailing him directly at ralmal@comcast.net.

In April 2021, Dr. DeMond graciously participated in a Zoom interview for the 40th class reunion of 1980 and 1981. We are thankful for Dr. DeMond’s many years of service to FWBC and his continued care for our alumni.

​​​​​​Dr. Sterling DeMond in his interview with John Anderson g80 for the 40th Class Reunion this past Spring

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