Alumni Center Endowment Boosts Our Annual Budget

Dick Baxter g70 and Cyril Eicher g32 signing the Resource Center Endowment in 2011

By Bill Gerig g61

In the October Falcon E-Newsletter we shared the amazing news about the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund that the Fort Wayne Alumni have established through thirty years of Phonathons. Fort Wayne Alumni Dependents who have attended Taylor University over the last eleven years have received over $430,000 in scholarship assistance from the interest on that endowment.  That Endowment now amounts to over $700,000.  What a blessing!

But wait, we have a second endowment! The Fort Wayne Alumni and Friends Resource Center Endowment provides underlying support for our operations budget every year. The income from this endowment, in combination with your continued gifts each year, is crucial to sustain the Alumni Center office and operations. 

A few alumni who were greatly involved in the Alumni Council, the Alumni Archives, and the Alumni Center after the college closed wrote provisions in their wills for donations to a Resource Center Endowment. Some of them have gone on to their heavenly rewards, but their contributions have established the Resource Center Endowment.

That Endowment has now reached $432,626.81.  The interest on the Endowment is used each year to help with the Resource Center budget.  Over the 8 years since this Fund was established in 2012,  $122,474.86 in interest has been contributed to the operation of the Center.  Each year we can count on the interest from this Endowment to help us reach our income goal.

If you would like to contribute to this endowment and make an investment that will yield direct income for the Alumni Center operations for years to come, please send your check to the Alumni Center with a note that your donation is for the Resource Center Endowment. God bless the great alumni of Fort Wayne Bible College, Summit Christian College, and Taylor University Fort Wayne. The Alumni Center’s ministry for the Lord, entwined with the legacy of the Fort Wayne campus, continues through you and all the other alumni.  To God be the glory. 

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