Alumni Center Thanks Michael Mortensen for 11 Years of Service to Our Alumni

July 7, 2020, was a special day. Your Fort Wayne Alumni Center honored Michael Mortensen TUUg91 for his dedicated service. Tributes and thank you’s were given by Stephanie Demorest g93, the new Director of the Alumni Center; Rex Bennet, Vice President for University Advancement -Taylor University; Bill Gerig g61, special assistant for Archives; Brad Yordy TUUg05, Executive Director of Alumni and Parent Relations-Taylor University; and Sari Harris g88, current President of the FW Alumni Council, who also presented Michael with a collage of various photos representing the years he has served. Other gifts and a gift card tree were also given. Michael was recognized for providing leadership to the Fort Wayne Alumni Center after the closure of the Fort Wayne Campus in 2009. He successfully navigated the challenges facing a new organization and skillfully developed a publications plan, supported a website, hosted reunions, and connected alumni via social media. Michael shared briefly during the event, giving thanks to God, to volunteers, and especially to Sherri Harter (now retired) and his wife, Christine, who has been a true partner through these many years.

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